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How to Create an Event Listing


Events on Home Page

Welcome! As of Spring 2016, we have activated the Event Section on This feature appears in a scroll-down menu on the home page's top navigational bar by category. It also appears as a featured department on the main Home Page underneath "Find American Grown Flowers Shipped Anywhere in the U.S." and above our "Articles" section.

Here are a few things you might want to gather together before you begin.   

*Creating an Event is very similar to Creating your Listing -- you will recognize the process, the fields and the master template.

****We strongly suggest that you first gather all the essential details and write the Event Description and other text in your word processing program and keep it as a master document. Then, you can paste it into the text fields to avoid losing information if something goes wrong.

Always Click on "Submit" (see button at the bottom of the page) when complete to ensure your content is updated.***** 

  • Title of Event
  • Start/End Dates of Event
  • Promotional Code. If you are a PREMIUM MEMBER of, you can request a Promo Code once per month in order to list your Event for FREE. Standard Members pay $15/month to add an Event and Premium Members pay $15/month for additional events.
  • A short “summary description,” up to 250 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
  • A longer event description, up to 400 words.
  • Contact email and website
  • Name of Event Venue and Address of Event Venue. It is important to add the Zip Code because our Database and Search functions are linked to Zip or Postal Codes
  • ARTWORK: Your business logo and up to 5 additional photographs, including a photograph of you, your design work and anything related to your Event. All images should be no larger than 1.5 MB. You can select the MAIN IMAGE that will appear in all summary searches.
  • A list of up to 10 keywords that best describe your Even (such as "DIY bridal bouquet workshop" or "Floral Crown Workshop"), choosing terms that best describe your even as people might search for it. Think about this from the perspective of the person doing the searching. Each keyword or phrase must be less than 50 characters long, including punctuation and spaces. 

OK, I'm ready to go!  What's first?

Click "Create an Event" (you will find this link at the top of the home page). You'll come to the LISTING/EVENT OPTIONS Page. Click "SIGN UP"

Create a Listing  

Now you're on a page that will let you start building your EVENT:

1. Listing TITLE – this is the name of your workshop, class or event.

2. Promotional Code: All PREMIUM MEMBERS receive 1 free Event Listing/Month. Please email to obtain the PromoCode for each month. Others pay $15/month and you should choose your Payment Method (Premium Members pay $15/month for additional Events).

3. Accept the Slow Flowers Pledge and click Continue at bottom of page.

Create Your Event


4. Now it's time to Create your EVENT DETAILS

Event Template

Event Template part 2

What are Key Words?

You may use up to 10 keywords that best describe your EVENT as people might search for it. Think about this from the perspective of the person doing the searching. Add only one keyword or phrase per line; then hit "return."

At the bottom of this page, click SUBMIT

Now you will arrive at your Account Dashboard. You will see the event status marked PENDING until approves your listing.

Final Page Event Dashboard

Click on the "pencil" icon in the right column called OPTIONS to make any additional edits.

Click on the "magnifying glass" icon in the OPTIONS column to view your listing. 

When you are finished, log out. Your listing will be approved within 24 hours. If you do not receive a notice in that time period, please check the SPAM folder of your inbox first; then, contact us at for help.