Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What happens if I forget my password?

Q. Am I required to have an account to add my listing to the site?

Q. How can I sign up for an account?

Q. What determines which listings appear as Featured Listings on the Home Page and main Listings page?

Q. What do the numbers that appear after Category names mean?

Q. Why am I receiving an 'Account Locked' message?

Q. What is Slow Flowers?

Q. What is

Q. What is your Mission Statement?

Q. What inspired Debra Prinzing to develop

Q. How does the Consumer use this site?

Q. How can I list my business on the online directory?

Q. What is the charge for a PREMIUM LISTING?

Q. How can I advertise on the site?

Q. Do you only list businesses with a physical retail location?

Q. Do you list online businesses?

Q. How can you ensure that members will be truthful in disclosing the origins of the flowers they sell?

Q. How can I express a concern about the truthfulness of a member?

Q. Can you notify me about new shops, studios, florists and farms in my area?

Q. Can I suggest a business to include, even if I'm not the owner?

Q. What is the charge for a STANDARD listing?