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Mary Jane's Farm: Slow Flowers

by Debbie Bosworth on

Debra Prinzing, author of the book Slow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden, Meadow and Farm (St. Lynn’s Press, 2013) and founder of the nationwide online directory of American-grown flowers, Read full article

Building a Local Flower Movement

by Jane Tanner, Growing for Market on

The local flower movement is progressing on a national platform and on a more organic, grassroots level of alliances — formal and informal — among flower farms and farms that grow flowers as part of their mix.... Read full article

Know the Value of your Membership

by Debra Prinzing on

In a market filled with imported flowers, differentiate yourself and your floral business by joining the Slow Flowers Movement. Benefits surpass the modest investment of a Standard or Premium Listing. ... Read full article Receives 2016 GWA Media Awards' Silver Medal of Achievement

by GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators on

Debra Prinzing, creator of, received the 2016 Media Awards Silver Medal of Achievement for "Electronic Special Projects," presented by GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators.... Read full article

Slow Flowers: A Guide to Enjoying Blooms Thoughtfully

by Elena Seegers on

Elena shares her family’s history in the floral trade in London, the stark differences between the practices they were used to versus the industry standard today, and a modern approach to enjoying blooms thoughtfully.... Read full article

Modern Farmer: A Cut Above

by Kristine Wong on

Flowers Grown in the United States are fresher and subject to stricter labor and environmental laws. So why do imported blooms dominate the domestic market?... Read full article

Why American-Grown Flowers Are the Latest Valentine's Day Trend

by Robert Klara, Senior Editor ADWEEK on

Still, there's a growing body of evidence that Americans are troubled by the idea of importing a commodity that could easily be grown here, and a growing number of consumers have made it trendy to buy local flowers.... Read full article


by Seattle Wholesale Growers Market on

(Seattle, Washington) At a recent dinner attended by florists, flower farmers and industry professionals, the Seattle Wholesale Grower's Market awarded Debra Prinzing - author of Slow Flowers and The 50 Mile Bouquet - its 2016 Grower's Choice Award.... Read full article

Honest Flowers

by Debra Prinzing on

One of the mottos of the Slow Flowers Movement is "origin matters." Having a consciousness about the source of our flowers is as important to me as knowing the provenance of a menu ingredient is to a locavore. Yet flowers are so rarely "labeled."... Read full article

There’s a local flower movement blooming

by Ana Sofia Knauf on

Activist, author, and podcaster Debra Prinzing wants to make the slow flower movement a thing.... Read full article