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A passion to grow quality fresh cut flowers with sustainable practices is Rooster Ridges goal. Our flowers are sold to local florist and the wholesale floral industry. There is great pride in the product that is raised and handled, even designed for our customers.

A boutique type floral farm design. Your request is important to us and the artisan is ready to create what you dream to have in flowers. Specialty parties  and weddings of all types are welcome. Do-It-Yourself  to the elaborate floral service is offered utliizing the amazing variety of seasonal American Grown cut flowers from Rooster Ridge Farms.

Rooster Ridge loves to spoil their floral subscribers with bellowing bouquets from June to October. The bouquets don the offices of local buisnesses and homes. Many of the subscribers anxiously await their new bouquet to highlight the flower that is at peak for the month. 

Cut, Arrange and Design classes are offered for groups. A fun time for all. The clients learn about the variety of flowers , tips on cutting and care of the flowers along with floral design . They walk out with a homemade bouquet and a plethora of information about fresh cut flowers.

Call to make an appointment. I will be looking forward to offering services from Rooster Ridge Farms LLC.


2416 SR 576
Bryan, Ohio 43506
United States

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