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The Alaska Peony Cooperative was established in the spring of 2015 as a way to bring together farmers to be represented as a unified voice in the specialty cut flower market. Our principles of responsibility, stewardship, and cooperation allow us to achieve more collectively than as individual farms. It is our pleasure to present premium Alaskan-Grown Peonies on behalf of our farmers, and we take great pride in helping them succeed at growing the very best just for you.

Growing peonies in Alaska is a bit different than the rest of the world. Throughout the growing season, our peonies experience moderate temperatures and almost round-the-clock sunlight, creating Alaska's signature large blooms and highly saturated colors. Alaska peonies are available at a time when the US market has historically experienced an absence of peonies, during the popular celebration months of July, August and September.

Our member-farms prioritize quality by allowing their peony plants to mature to an average of three to five years before the first commercial stem is ever harvested. Each peony stem is hand harvested and immediately chilled before being graded and carefully packaged for shipping in our farm-based packing facility. We have partnered with FedEx to secure reduced shipping rates and to make sure that our peonies can be delivered right to your door within 24 hours of leaving our farm. Ordering directly from a farmers cooperative cuts out the middleman, which means your flowers go through fewer hands and arrive in peak condition, within days of being cut out of our fields.


PO Box 913
Willow, Alaska 99688
United States

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March 2016

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