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Chloris Floral is a flower design studio in Sonoma County committed to using 100% local and seasonal blooms grown using organic practices. By supporting and building upon the strength of our farming community we ensure the availability of the fresh, locally grown blooms necessary to create our achingly beautiful old world designs.

We treasure our relationships with local flower farmers and support the ever important and growing local flower movement. To build stronger local communities and economies, we are devoted to seeking out the freshest and most beautiful seasonal blooms that only local flower growers can provide.

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing locally grown flowers over imports. Currently about 80% of flowers sold in the US are imported and often sprayed or dipped in poisonous chemicals so that they may survive the long trip to our homes. If this weren't reason enough to choose the unparalleled quality of farm fresh flowers we would still miss the romanticism of time spent in the field surrounded by the elegance of nature and the process of coaxing exquisite beauty into a vase.

Owner-Betany Coffland

I've always had an artistic soul and my first career lies in singing opera where I trained at the Juilliard School of Music. Often gifted with an armload of bouquets on opening night, I frequently imagine myself in a Jane Austen novel and many people throughout the years have commented that I'm an anachronism itself.

After moving to Sonoma County and reading the book, The Dirty Life, I was inspired to volunteer at a local flower farm to see if I would enjoy getting dirt under my nails and having the outdoors as my office. I swiftly and deeply fell entranced with how stunning and heartbreakingly gorgeous locally grown flowers are. For the next year and half, I co-owned Chica Bloom Farm acting as the lead designer and wedding coordinator. I especially loved getting to know my community through delivering weekly flower CSA bouquets.

In the winter of 2014, I launched Chloris Floral. The namesake Chloris perfectly combines my two artistic endeavors, classical singing and floral design. Not only is Chloris the Greek goddess of flowers, she is also the heroine of my favorite French art song, A Chloris by Reynaldo Hahn This song has special meaning to me because it was performed by a dear friend of mine at my wedding. Now part of my repertoire, I continue to perform A Chloris.


523 6th Street
Petaluma, California 94952
United States

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