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Like so many children, I grew up in the southern gardens of my father and grandparents.  Camellias, violets, zinnias, old-fashioned roses.  I loved them all. 

Professionally, I spent over a decade working with college students until I hit burnout.  On a lark, I applied to a sustainable agriculture program.  I remember the first day of my apprenticeship clearly.  The farmer sent me into a giant patch of zinnias and sunflowers to make bouquets for the farmers market.  After that, I was hooked. Since then, I've grown a lot of vegetables and even more flowers.  

I began floral design coursework in 2016, the first time I'd ever attempted anything truly artistic in my life.  I'd never thought of myself as an artist, but it turns out I just hadn't yet found my medium.  

My passion is still with education, though I now work to educate people on farming, sustainability, and how to reconnect with the earth that grants us so much.  I'm proud of my design work, which embodies a wild aesthetic, that "freshly gathered" look that requires so much more than drifting through my field and plopping the bounty in a vase.

I want my flowers to remind you of growing up in gardens, of heady scents and fields of industrious pollinators.  And I want to help you understand everything that goes into that gorgeous bouquet you picked up from a grower at the market or your local florist. 

Get in touch with me today, and let's start a flower journey together.

-Laura Mewbourn


Meggett, South Carolina 29449
United States

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