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How Farmgirl Flowers Works

Farmgirl Flowers is different, but not in the "Honey, I tried a new recipe" sort of way you might be thinking. Our goal is to completely change the way flowers are purchased in the United States. Yeah, we like to dream big, and we hope you do, too.

What's our plan? We provide beautiful flowers at a reasonable price, support Bay Area farmers and businesses, minimize our environmental impact as much as possible, and save you time through a simple ordering process.

Sound good? We think so. Here's how we do it:

Fair Prices for All of Us

Ever wonder how that $19.99 flower arrangement you ordered from one of those big, corporate sites ended up costing you $80, or even $100? Not to mention that it looked like something that only your great Aunt Dottie would truly love? Well, we have too. At Farmgirl Flowers, you'll pay a fair price, starting at just $30 per arrangement + tax and delivery. We don't believe in hidden fees or fine print either. So what you see really is what you get.

It may sound to good to be true, but it's not. We provide this amazing deal by offering 1 daily flower arrangement made of locally grown, seasonal flowers, in contrast to our competitor's, who offer numerous arrangements stuffed with imported flowers. By doing this, we drastically reduce flower waste, costs, and your time.

Did you know that flower waste is in large part why the mark up on flowers has increased so dramatically? It's estimated that around 80% of flowers end up in a dumpster and are never even sold, and the person who picked those flowers gets paid $6 a day for imports. We just don't think a Dahlia that's fortunate enough to go home with you should have to subsidize the tulip that wasn't as lucky. Some of us were the last ones picked in gym class too...

And, really, isn't the most important thing that the flowers are beautiful? Well ours are. If you have to see to believe, check out our previous arrangements. You won't be disappointed.

Buying Local & Being "Green"

Yeah, yeah, we know the term "green" is way overused, but even so, we want to try to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible, so we're using it anyway. One of the most important ways we're able to do this is by purchasing all of our flowers from local growers, located within 200 miles of San Francisco.

That may not seem like a huge feat, but it is. Currently, around 70% of all flowers sold in the US are imported from other countries. Is it just us, or does that seem absurd? Of all flowers grown in the US, over 75% are grown right here in California. So why are we putting so many of our local farmers out of work by importing from abroad? And if that's not enough of a guilt trip, just think of the carbon footprint used for that vase of roses in your foyer. We don't think your flowers should have more frequent flyer miles than you.

Farmgirl Flowers is bucking the trend of imported flowers and lots of waste and a big carbon footprint. In addition to buying locally grown flowers, we deliver your flowers via pedal power or motor scooter whenever possible in San Francisco.

And, to top it off, we use all reused or re-purposed vases, and make a donation to Playworks for every arrangement ordered without a vase. We know buying flowers makes the recipient feel great, and we're doing what we can to make sure you feel good too.


We don't know about you, but the last thing we want to do during our lunch break is spend the entire hour trying to order flowers. Looking through hundreds of flower options, trying to figure out what's $19.99 versus what actually looks halfway decent, comparing prices, reading fine print for hidden fees – I'm already exhausted thinking about it.

We make the ordering process so simple - pick the size, whether you want a vase or burlap, the delivery date, the recipient information and card, and your method of payment - you're finished! Now go enjoy the remaining 55 minutes of your lunch hour.

Simple. Local. Beautiful. That's what makes Farmgirl Flowers different, in a really great way!

 domestic and keeping it simple, Farmgirl reduces waste, minimizes environmental impact, and passes the savings on to you. With the Daily Arrangement, we pick the flowers based on what is locally available.

Choose "beautiful," and leave the details to us. Finally, a better way to order flowers in San Francisco!


P.O. Box 2258
El Granada, California 94018
United States

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