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Persephone Floral Atelier is a floral design studio specializing in locally sourced garden style arrangements. Persephone offers unique and dynamic floral arrangements for weddings and events in the Chicago area and wherever flowers grow.


The first place I go to source flowers is a local farmer. I also look to the world around me, sourcing from waysides and empty lots. Being connected to the land and the people who grow the flowers is what makes this work so fulfilling.

I am, however, based in an area that has a very short growing season. I rely on a local wholesale business to provide me with flowers during the off season and for flowers my farmers can’t supply. When sourcing flowers from the wholesaler, I always ask for the american grown flowers first and give preference to Dutch flowers when sourcing imported flowers.

It takes special skill for a florist to source flowers locally and more skill to do so at a destination wedding, but the more I do it, the more connections I make with farmers all over the country and world! I hope that as Persephone grows, I will get to return to those places and revisit those farms.


As with sourcing, making bouquets is all about my relationship with nature and its flowers. My prefered aesthetic approach is to let nature dictate, but to have just the right amount of human intention. Nature not only provides the medium, it also guides my process.

My designs are heavily influenced by my background in painting—texture, line, color, and shape are all factors that I try to bring into harmony while reflecting nature’s wild, untamed asymmetry.


503 E 61st St.
Chicago, Illinois 60637
United States

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