Rusted Vase Co.


Hello! I'm Carlee, and welcome to Rusted Vase Co. The name Rusted Vase Co. stems from my love of nature, and everything rusted. I spent endless Summers at my Grandmother's in her garden and sorting through her antique collection. This is when I believe my passion for flowers began.  I love telling stories, and I believe in flowers being able to tell a story about each client I work with. Each event starts as a small idea and turns into a story and experience I hope my clients will treasure for a lifetime. I believe that flowers are most beautiful in their natural state; wild, organic and unique. I channel this belief in all of my designs. I support the Slow Flowers movember by purchasing local product for all of my events & weddings. 
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400 Boylston Ave E
Washington 98102
United States

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