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Seeley Farm is located in Ann Arbor Township, Michigan, 5 miles north of downtown Ann Arbor. The farm is owned and operated by Mark Nowak and Alex Cacciari. The farm has been certified USDA Organic since 2013.

Prior to starting their own farm business, both Mark and Alex spent time working on various farms in Michigan, New York, California, Chile, Spain and New Zealand. The name Seeley comes from a farm/homestead where Mark and Alex worked in the Hudson Valley of New York in 2007. The 120-acre sheep farm was located at the end of Seeley Road, named after the original family that worked the land. The couple chose to name their new business after the place where their love for the farming lifestyle was born.

The couple moved to Michigan in 2009, and Seeley Farm got its start at the Tilian Farm Development Center in 2011. During their two year tenure at Tilian, Mark and Alex worked to grow their business thanks to the abundant support and resources at Tilian. In the spring of 2012, they secured a lease on a 30 acre farm just around the corner from Tilian, on Warren Road.

Mark and Alex started Seeley Farm with the goal of growing spectacular salad greens, and that has remained at the core of the business ever since. Seeley Farm produces high-quality, washed and ready-to-eat certified organic salad greens for regional grocery stores, restaurants, and local farmers markets. The business has grown beyond salad greens to include a wider diversity of crops available at farmers' market and for wholesale locally.

We are a proud member of the Michigan Flower Growers Cooperative.


2150 Warren Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
United States

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