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SlowFlowers Italy cultural Association was founded in April 2017. As stated in the bylaws of the Association, SlowFlowers Italy’s mission is to raise awareness of the new trends of Floral Design through public events and other forms of communication.

The last decade has set the scene for a new perspective on cut flowers, especially in the United States. Some world-renowned floral designers have created, developed and promoted, through a wild, organic and seasonal aesthetic, a new approach to Floral Design based on these concepts: to use locally- grown and seasonal flowers, to buy directly from flower farms, to be conscious consumers.

The award-winning online directory Slowflowers created by Debra Prinzing has been a major inspiration. Italy has a strong tradition of flower growers around the country: from Liguria to Versilia and Pescia, from Puglia to Campania, high-quality productions of flowers are still alive and exported to other countries.

Regrettably, cut flowers are still framed into a backward-looking approach to floral design. Our vision is to embrace those new values of a conscious and natural aesthetic to channel new energy to our market. As Italy is one of the ten world’s favorite countries for destination weddings, Italian floral designers are more and more called to meet the expectations of international customers. It is time for Italy to evolve to a new ethic and aesthetic of floral design.


In 2017, the first SlowFlowers Italy event took place in the Podernovi farmhouse, owned and offered by Barone Ricasoli for the occasion. A group of volunteers (artists, floral designers, people sharing same values) created stunning installations to guide visitors into a journey of wonder. Everyone was free to give his own creative touch out of any scheme.

Flowers were offered by Cooperativa Flora Toscana (a wholesale of locally-grown flowers) who was the first supporter of the project. All the fresh material came from unsold seasonal productions to show how we can create beautiful arrangements without being forced by the trends of the market. One of the greatest results of the project was to gather professionals who share Slow Flower’s philosophy and want to spread the message. The event had a big informational role: the values of cooperation, living and working in harmony with the environment, were brought to the visitors’ attention and reflection.

SlowFlowers Italy Association’s events want to disseminate information and raise awareness on the importance of a more natural pace of life through the beauty of flowers and human synergy. The quality of our life is strongly connected with the balance we have with our environment.

Slow Flowers Italy’s aim is to nurture these ideas, to help a new conscious professional training and to open new connections to the market. Associates and people who share SlowFlowers Italy’s vision will gather in special events every year. The membership card will give the opportunity to compose floral installations during the events as a volunteer with no need to be authorized through applications or projects.

Only donated seasonal floral materials will be accepted to stick with the philosophy of respecting the rhythms of nature. Creative director Tommaso Torrini will have the role of supervisor of the homogeneity of the project and coherence to the mission of Slow Flowers Italy. The Association will be active in the professional development organizing workshops, classes, and symposia for professionals in the field, with special access for membership card’s owners.

In 2018 SlowFlowers Italy has been present at the ‘Salone Internazionale del Mobile’ in Milano, one of the most relevant design exhibitions in Europe, with outreach, training and dissemination activities. In 2018 the Association also held the national event in Monticchiello,Tuscany. An entire mediaeval borgo has been filled by floral installations made by volunteer members of the Association.

Becoming members of SlowFlowers Italy means being part of a network of professionals, of people who carry the values of respect and attention to the environment, local territories, traditions and community development.

With the following words, Tania Torrini wishes to share what the experience in Podernovi 2017 has been for all of us:

‘Flowers are slow, tremulous, with this stillness and weightless whisper they teach us the deepest attention and awareness of their shapes and scents.

If in those days there were teachers, they were flowers. They engaged everyone. That’s why human relations became deep and working meant meeting and collaborating. Slow Flowers taught us to slow down and stop. To feel, to understand us and others, to live following Nature, our Mother. All we got to do was to see and listen, and so it was.’
Let Beauty and Nature inspire us

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