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Sara Jane's interest in nature began in her childhood while working outdoors on her family's farm in Kentucky. She could be found topping fields of tobacco blooms, picking heirloom roses and grapes from her grandmother's front yard for centerpieces, carting home wild polk berries, vetch, and Queen Anne's lace, or arranging peonies with her mother who is a flower farmer and florist.  While living abroad with her family in Tokyo, she attended ikebana classes with her mother and took an interest in photographing and foraging natural materials wherever she traveled.

After graduating from Samford University with a degree in psychology, Sara Jane dedicated her time toward restorative justice efforts through serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer and directing a coalition against human trafficking in the Southeast.  Sara Jane eventually returned to her love and passion for flowers. After a six month sabbatical from her social justice position, she noticed her interest and creativity return as she sought out flowershops, greenhouses, and gardens in each city in Europe she went to. Sara Jane enjoys working with seasonal blooms and sources organic flowers from farms using sustainable, salmon-safe, and fair trade practices. 

Sara Jane is also a student of Kalapa ikebana, which is a contemplative practice in the Japanese art form of flower arranging. Her florals have been described as elemental, wild, hand-picked, and inspired by the natural world. Sara Jane takes a very limited number of events each year so that she can be fully present for each one. 

She currently lives in Wallingford, Seattle with her husband and beagle puppy but also travels often for destination weddings and home to Kentucky to work with her mom and sister on the family flower farm.  


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