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Chet and Kristy Anderson, The Fresh Herb Co.
Chet and Kristy Anderson

We grow fresh culinary Herbs, Flowers, and Succulents in Colorado. 

Hi! We’re the Andersons, the founders and family behind The Fresh Herb Co.

With a whole lot of heart and dedication, we’ve become the preeminent local producers of culinary herb plants, ornamental flowers, hanging baskets, and succulents in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Checkout your local Whole Foods and Lucky’s Market April thru November for our products. We bet you’ll find them! Or come say “hi”on Saturdays at the Boulder Farmers Markets in Boulder and Denver. We’ll be there!


Our fresh cut flowers are meticulously cared for from production through the post-harvest preparation and cooling to ensure the longest vase life for you. Flowers in hanging baskets are carefully selected for suitability to the Front Range summer climate and are well established for your enjoyment.


Our sustainably grown herbs deliver amazing culinary opportunities. Just snip a basil leaf off our healthy, vibrant plants to up your cooking game! The tastes and presentation will add that extra essence to your food presentation. Our herbs are simply gorgeous and can be used as ornamental plants too!


We grow appealing combinations of diverse, low maintenance succulents, that can be grown inside or outside. Succulents are incredible – they store water in their leaves and stems and they have thick and fleshy leaves. This makes them especially well adapted to the dry climate in Colorado, since they don’t need humidity to thrive.



4114 Oxford Road
Longmont, Colorado 80503
United States

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