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The SlowFlowers Pledge

By submitting this page, you are agreeing to support and promote grown-in-the-USA flower farms and join the American grown flower movement.

This agreement does not require you to eliminate imported flowers in your designs, although we strongly encourage you to strive for a greater percentage of local and domestic sourcing. By registering your floral business in the Directory, you agree to the following:

  1. When a consumer contacts me through the site, I pledge to fulfill the order with locally-grown, seasonal flowers. If I am unable to do this (mostly this situation will occur in the winter), I commit to sourcing domestic, American-grown flowers, foliage or plants.
  2. Whenever possible, I pledge to clearly label or disclose to the customer the source of the floral elements I use.
  3. If I am unable to fulfill the order for local or domestic flowers, I will tell the customer and whenever possible, I will refer the customer to an alternate resource from

Note: Members who use sustainable labeling on their floral ingredients [such as a 3rd party certification like USDA Certified Organic, Veriflora (domestic), Salmon Safe or Safe Harvest] will receive added preference on

By accepting this agreement, you can proudly display the "Pledge." Once you have completed your order and your listing is approved, we will send a high-resolution image of the Pledge badge for you to use.

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