UPGRADE Your SLOWFLOWERS.COM Listing and Enjoy More Member Benefits

It's easy to UPGRADE your Standard Level membership to enjoy all of the benefits of a Premium Level membership. Here's how:

Step 1: Log into Slowflowers.com using MemberSign-In Link.

Member Log-In

Step 2: At the Member Dashboard, select the button "INCREASE VISIBILITY"

How to Upgrade Step 1


Step 3: Choose Premium Level Membership from the Menu and click "Continue"

Upgrade Step 2

Step 4: Go "Live" by completing Upgrade with Payment Options.
Note "Edit" field at left -- this is where you add new content for a Premium membership
(Short Description, Full Description, Logo, Gallery of Images, Video and more)

Upgrade Step 3

Step 5: Complete payment. Select CC# or PayPal. Then click NEXT to complete.

Upgrade Step 4

That's It!!!