PREMIUM MEMBERS Read first before you create your member content

OK, I'm ready to go! Let's Get Started!

Click "Join Slow Flowers" (you will find this link at the top of the home page).

Slow Flowers Home Page

You'll come to the LISTING OPTIONS Page.

Slow Flowers Listing Page


Select whether you want the STANDARD Listing for $50/year or the PREMIUM Listing for $200/year by clicking on the “SIGN UP” button.


Now you're on a page that will let you start building your listing:

For a STANDARD Listing, please follow these instructions:

1. Listing TITLE – this is the name of your business.

2. Select Two CATEGORIES (you can purchase additional categories for $2 each per month). Click "Add" next to the categories you choose.

3. Type in your KEY WORDS

4. Enter all of your Contact Information

5. Enter Social Media links (optional)

6. Enter SEO content

7. Click SAVE before moving to next page

By submitting this page, you are Accepting the SLOWFLOWERS.COM  "Pledge." Read the Pledge here.


For a PREMIUM Listing, please follow these instructions:

1. Listing TITLE – this is the name of your business.

2. Select up to Four CATEGORIES (purchase additional categories for $2 each per month)

3. Type in your KEY WORDS

4. Enter all of your Contact Information

5. Enter Social Media links (optional)

6. Enter SEO content

7. Click SAVE before moving to BILLING DETAIL Page

By submitting this page, you are Accepting the SLOWFLOWERS.COM "Pledge." Read the Pledge here.


For both listings, continue to Step 8:

8. Now it's time to set up your account and billing information.

Check Out: Please complete your billing address and information required in other fields. Then click "Place Order and Continue."


What are my options for Payment Method?

You can pay by credit card or by PayPal. Please note that because your listing is like a subscription, PayPal will treat this as a 'recurring payment' so that your next payment can be made automatically. If you don't want this option, you should be able to cancel or delete the recurring payment option.


OK, I've handled my payment. Now what?


9. Once Payment is Approved, you'll be directed to the Edit Listing Page.

The fields are self-explanatory and will walk you through what to add in terms of Business and Contact information.
Listing Title (your business name), Basic Information, Contact Information and Social Media/SEO Information. Note Standard Members can select 2 Categories; Premium Members can select 4 Categories. There is a $20/category annual fee for additional Categories.


STANDARD MEMBERS, please follow these instructions:

Your Listing Title is your business name.

What goes in the email and URL fields?

After confirming your Business Name (in the Title Field), enter your Email, URL, Phone, Address and Key Words.

Use the email address where you would like to receive floral inquiries.

[Note: Our site uses special Javascript coding to protect your email address from spammers, so even though it is visible to readers, the "spambot" automated systems that harvest email addresses from websites will not be able to find it.]


Add URLs for your business web site and/or your blog.

Why do I need to put in a Location?

The Location fields are very important for consumers searching for flowers in their area. If you don’t want to post your street address or PO Box, that’s OK. But we strongly recommend that you include your city, state, and zip code, because people will be searching for flowers by zip code. Zip code is particularly important—our search options rely on zip code data.

What are Key Words?

Click here for smart tips on creating effective KEY WORDS. You may use up to 10 keywords that best describe your areas of expertise as people might search for them. Think about this from the perspective of the person doing the searching. Some examples might include: Green Weddings, DIY Workshops, Recycled Vase Rental Program, etc.

Add only one keyword or phrase per line; then hit "return."

At the bottom of this page, click SUBMIT


PREMIUM MEMBERS will also include Listing Content as follows:

A short “summary description,” up to 250 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

A longer business description, up to 400 words.

A list of up to 10 keywords that best describe your areas of expertise, or that best describe your topics as people might search for them. Separate each word by a comma. Here is a tip post about Key Words.

Web links to your company's web site or blog, or any other site where your flowers can be found, such as a CSA, farmers' market or pop-up shop.

A list of services you provide. Optional Days/Hours of Service.

There are two image fields. The first is called the COVER image, which is the wide/horizontal page "header" with recommended dimensions of 1920 x 480 px (JPG, GIF or PNG). If you don't have an image like that, we can add a general floral header to your page.

Below the Cover Image is the PHOTO Gallery upload field. Here, we suggest you include your business logo and up to 5 additional photographs, including a photograph of you, your shop, your flower farm and/or photographs of your design work. All images should be no larger than 1.5 MB.

Once those are uploaded, select your "main" image by clicking on it. This is typically your business logo.

BE SURE TO click the SAVE BUTTON at the bottom of the page before proceeding. 


Now you will arrive at the Member Dashboard where you can manage your listing. You will see the status marked PENDING until approves your listing. Here you can also:

Edit your listing

Preview your listing

Manage your Account.


When you are finished, log out. Your listing will be approved within 24 hours. If you do not receive a notice in that time period, please check the SPAM folder of your inbox first; then, contact us at for help.



What is Video Snippet Code (optional)?

If you have a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or another video site, you can go to the site and copy the “embed” code – a snippet of HTML code that allows you to put a video on another website. Just copy that code and paste it directly into this field.

Hint: Maximum video code size supported is 240px x 135px. If the video code size is bigger than the supported video size, it will be modified. Be sure to only include portion of the "embed" code within and including the "iframe" tags.


What goes in the Summary Description?

Just put a short company description here, ideally your tag line or slogan that sums up your business philosophy like "The Conscious Choice for Buying and Sending Flowers."

This must be 250 characters or less, including punctuation and spaces. Just a single sentence will work!


What goes in the Description?

This is where you put your full company description. Describe who you are and what you do. Describe your design style and area of expertise--whatever you want people to know about you when they're searching for flowers.

Notice there is a toolbar at the top so that you can format the text, changing the font size, making certain words bold and adding links. This is also a great place to add "testimonials" from satisfied customers!

TIP: Update the description section often with new information about yourself. Regular updates help keep the site fresh and attract new visitors to the site.

What do I put in Key Words?


Listing Categories:

Verify that the Listing Categories are the ones that apply to your business. You can select up to Two CATEGORIES with a STANDARD LISTING and up to Four Categories with a PREMIUM LISTING (purchase additional categories for $2 each per month). Click "Add" to the right of each category you wish to include.


What is a Promotional Code?

A promotional code is a discount code that gives a free or reduced-price listing. We very rarely use this feature. If you don’t have a promotional code, don’t worry—just leave it blank.


At the bottom of this page, enter SUBMIT "Enter"


How do I update or make changes to my listing?

Go to the home page any time you want to sign in to your account. The "Member Sign-in" button is on the top/right menu. That will take you to the dashboard where you will see the "Sign In" fields on the left of the page and the username and password you created.


On the Dashboard you will see "Manage" in the Member Options section of the sidebar to edit your listing. Click the icon that looks like a pencil to make edits.

We strongly recommend that you have a copy of your edits in case of computer problems in the middle of the editing process. Be sure to hit Submit at the very bottom of the page to save all your changes!

What happens after I’ve made changes to my listing?

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Your changes should go live right away.